• "Rocket burning passion, heart flying with dreams" -- the opening ceremony of the seventh mathematic

    At 10 o’clock in the morning of November 13th , the seventh mathematics science and technology festival was opened with a theme of‘science and technology changing life, wisdom creating the future‘. 

    In the opening ceremony, Miss Li introduced the whole arrangement of the festival. Especially with the president announcing the opening of the ceremony, the whole playground was wild with joy! ‘Funzhou‘ homemade rocket went directly over the top . Colorful balloons flew into the blue sky with nine consecutive fired air cannon . All of a sudden, a drone broke through the clouds, flying at a high altitude. It is remote controlled by a student from Class 8 Grade 5! The rocket and balloons carried the dreams and hope of all the students and teachers.  

    Then, the parent-child activities at the opening ceremony were equally exhilarating.  Zhao Runxiang from Class 7 Grade 3 and his mother brought a silent bubble show to the audience. The performance of the super bubble caused the cheers of the students, which completely ignited the children‘s desire for scientific experiments.

    Finally, all the teachers and students are celebrating the arrival of the mathematical technology festival in the slogan of ‘science and technology changing life, wisdom creating the future‘. I believe that in the next series of mathematical technology activities, the students in the school will participate actively, highlighting the wisdom of science and technology, and deduce the essence of life.

  • Fangzhou style in Key Game

    In September 23th, 2017, the twenty-ninth session of the Key Technology Contest Finals was held in the SIP tenth Middle School.

    The contest was hosted by Jiangsu province civilization, Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Department, organized by the Science Magazine. After the preliminaries, there were 24 high-qualified players showing up. They participated in the contest.  

    Early in the morning, the small players finished the test carefully. Actually, before the contest, the teachers in Fangzhou school organized various of training. With the everyday accumulation and active preparation, the students were full of confidence. They did a great job in the contest.

    The contest further stimulated students‘ enthusiasm for science. It helped the students feel the charm of science and reflected the inquiry of primary school science. It promoted the improvement of students‘ scientific literacy.

    It is expected that they can open the window of innovation with the golden key of science and technology!

  • Fangzhou teachers participated in fun events to bring joy and build team spirit

    To work happily and live healthily, all the union members of Fangzhou participated in fun activities in the gym in the afternoon of June 23.

    The three activities were tug-of–war, triathlon and leapfrog relay. In the tug-of–war, each grade competed with one another. The first part of triathlon was pair rope skipping, the second part was moving with volleyball between the backs of two partners, the third part was blowing and bursting a balloon. All participants have to cooperate to win. These activities demonstrated that unity is strength and hard work leads to victory.

    Fangzhou pays great attention to physical exercise. On the one hand, PE teachers give essential scientific training to athletes. On the other hand, the school vigorously carries out the national fitness program and promotes the balanced development of recreational sports and competitive sports.

    As summer holiday comes nearer, these fun events are held to bring joy, build team spirit, enhance the sense of collective honor and improve health.

  • Colorful school life, talented teachers-on a young teachers’ talent show

         In the afternoon of June 14, all teachers of SIP Fangzhou were invited to the school theatre to watch a talent competition of young teachers.

       Attendants were young teachers with two years to five years’ teaching experience. Talent shows included songs, dances, poetry reading, instrumental performance and so on. The forms were varied and activities were wonderful. Two student teachers also put on a show out of friendship. By the end, the audience voted and judges gave an evaluation and some comments.

    This competition not only promotes teachers‘ development, but also shows the upward outlook of young teachers.

  • The students did a good job in the sixth youth electronic production competition

    In May 13th, the sixth youth electronic production competition was held in Kunshan center primary school, and 15 participants from Fangzhou Primary school participated in the competition.

    In the game, the players are doing well, especially in the production of medium wave radio. Its the first time taht the players participated in this competition. Lack of experience, multiple radios cannot be used . But the players, such as Liu Yuhan, carefully checked and found a welding point off. Quickly, they made use of the wire to successfully realize the radio function. Finally, they obtained valuable results for the team.

    In this competition, some parents are also actively involved in, especially the mother of Xue Jingxuan. She participated in the tournament, which shows the support from the Fangzhou parents to their children. I believe that in the joint efforts of schools, parents and children, we will get good grades.



  • Getting close to Mr Shen Shixi-on the activity of the school reading club

    In the afternoon of May 10, best-seller of children‘s literature, promoter of children’s reading and child-education specialist, Mr Shen Shixi came to Fangzhou to give a lecture.

    In the lecture, Mr Shen told some stories about nature which inspired him and his writing. He also talked about his feelings and insights when he was an ‘educated youth’ in Xishuangbanna. By the end, he talked, pleasantly but sternly, about how he wrote. That is, getting close to nature, observing things carefully and be imaginative. The emotional and attractive speech not only sparked interest, but also gave directions on how to write.

    During the interactive session, students raised some questions on reading, writing and keeping animals. Mr Shen answered the various questions patiently. At last, students waited happily in a line to get a signature on their books.

    The meeting with Mr Shen expanded students‘ horizon, cultivated their mind and improved their reading and writing abilities.

  • New blooming, New vitality -- remember the Seventh Art Festival opening ceremony in Fangzhou Primary

    In the morning of May 2nd, with great delight, all the teachers and students of the Fangzhou Primary School held the seventh session of the opening ceremony of the Art Festival.

    The theme of this year is "New blooming, New vitality". The school set up a stage for the students to fully demonstrate their cleverness and artistic talent. They can show their talent, deduction and amplify their own highlights and develop their potential. In the following days, you will see many personal music performances and students‘ personal exhibition. On May 18th,  the students will go to the Museum of cultural relics and also the Pingtan Museum to enjoy the beauty of arts. A series of artistic activities are waiting for you.

    Activities are rich and colorful. We are looking forward to the wonderful performance in the art festival by the Fangzhou students. We wish everyone could become a beat note on the Art Festival to play a beautiful song.


  • The eighth session of the "global village" youth bilingual speech contest preliminaries held in funz

    In the afternoon of April 13th, the eighth session of the "global village" bilingual youth speech contest was held successfully in Fangzhou Primary School. More than 200 students from the sixth grades participated to show their confidence in oral English.

    The "global village" bilingual speech contest began in 2009, whic has been held all around the world for 7 years. This is a contest joined by the young people around the world.

    This years topic is Welcome to my hometown. The children in Fangzhou Primary School showed their imagination in the speech. They were all prepared. Students in the low grades had vivid language and proper body movements, which impressed the judges. The students from the high grade students had a generous, standard pronunciation. They spoke loudly and their content of the speech were from both classical and modern Suzhou.

    The game provided a display platform for the students‘ oral English, while highlighted the outstanding achievements of the English teaching in our school. I believe that through this platform, the students will go farther and better in English learning.

  • Dream high, embrace success——the nineteen session of the SIP primary and secondary school track and

    On the 7th of April, the nineteen session of the SIP primary and secondary school track and field games opened in the Dushu Lake school as scheduled. Through the active preparation, training, 22 young athletes participated in this game. 

    Though the rain washed the runway, it did not affect the young players. With the starting of the game, the weather seemed to get better and the temperature gradually increased. Halfway, Fangzhou primary school was in the seventh place. Perhaps because of the desire for victory, the teenagers in Fangzhou was trying their best to jump and throw. Many people won the championship. In the men‘s group C softball finals, our classmate Ling Xiao was in third place in the top five at first. But at the last throwing, 39 meters! He won the championship in the race!

    In this game, three teachers in our school trained the young members very early. The parents said:although the teachers are young,they are very experienced and they can let students feel the joy of sports instead of pressure. We believe that,under the efforts of the cooperation of the parents, teachers and students , our school sports will develop better and better.



  • Flipped classroom, Wisdom teaching -- remember the teaching activities of "flipped classroom"

    In order to promote the research of ‘flipped classroom’, to help the teachers clarify the core connotation of literacy, to explore how to do a good job of flipping the classroom, to adapt to the development of students and the diverse needs of lifelong learning, to truly realize the vision that "education is not to teach",Fangzhou primary school held a "flipped classroom" teaching activity for two consecutive days in March 28th and March 29th. Cao Yuting, Han Liping and other 7 teachers,involving Chinese, maths and English, had a classroom teaching demonstration. Teachers from all subjects participated in the event.

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." In the practice of ‘teaching is not to teach’,the teachers in Fangzhou primary school not only pay attention to the teaching method of ‘flipping’, but also put the students in the learning center and pay close attention to the results of ‘flipped classroom’. They do everything truly for all children!

  • Visiting six moral education bases-on a spring outing

    On March 23, students of Fangzhou visited different moral education bases outside school to experience the life of Suzhou, including food, customs, celebrities, gardens, Art and history.

    Students of grade one visted Yili milk co. LTD and learned how milk was produced and packaged. This experience increased their awareness of food safety. Students of grade two visited the fire department of SIP. They learnt about firefighting and  fire-fighting apparatus. Grade three students visited the Curator of the Revolutionary Museum to learn about the development course of China. They resolved to carry on the glorious tradition of and promote patriotism. Grade four students visited the graves of revolutionary martyrs. This opportunity strengthened students’ national sense of pride and patriotic enthusiasm. Students of Grade five visited the Ming Gallery and Zhang Xinjia Art Gallery to learn about pastel drawing and traditional Chinese painting. Students of Grade six went to Suzhou Museum to explore history and experience the charm of China‘s Wu culture.

    The trip to moral education bases broadened students’ horizon, shaped their character and brought about happiness through learning.

  • Live a happy life and preserve the culture of Chinese Zodiac-on the school opening ceremony

    In the morning of February 13, the opening ceremony of SIP Fangzhou was held in the school theater.

    At the beginning was the flag-raising ceremony. Students sang the national song loud and clear. Then some outstanding students were rewarded for their practical activities during the winter vacation. Then one student representative gave a fashion show and another presented a Pingtan show and shared her experience in Singapore. Following was the exercise based on Chinese Zodiac culture. Then the leader of Traffic Police Squadron of our community educated students on road traffic safety and life safety. At last, the headmaster reviewed the achievements of 2016 and gave some suggestions. She proposed that all students should behave properly, work hard and be thankful.

    The unique ceremony impressed all the students and teachers and may the new semester compose a new epic.

  • Basketball, let the children never stop - Fangzhou primary school students participated in the SIP b

    The cold wind can not resist their passion for basketball, SIP primary school basketball tournament kicked off at Jingcheng school. A total of 21 teams participated in it, which divided into two division East Lake and West Lake.

    The fierce competition officially started in January 12th. Fangzhou primary school  defeated the host school and made an auspicious start. In the next three games, it had one win and two defeated. In the last game, it was against Xingyang school. At first, Fangzhou Primary School was in the backward situation. But it continued to chase points and it finally became the second team into the quarterfinals.

    After four days of intense competition, the players in Fangzhou did not give up however the difficulties are. Finally Fangzhou School achieved the seventh place in this basketball tournament. 

    In this game, the children tried their best to get the scores. It was the joint efforts of all the people that we accomplished so much . We will continue to strive towards a higher goal.


  • Good news from the the school sailing model club

    On the 17th of December, the sailing model club in our school attended the seventeenth session of the ‘Love Seashore‘ national youth sailing model qualifying competition in Jiangsu.

    we arrived early at the Dongzhu experimental primary school at 8:30a.m. The team members started ship debugging at once they got off the car. The players sailed and adjusted the model ship again and again in the cold pool until the ship went fast and straight, which ensured the sailing race this afternoon. When the games started, the players were calm. They can handle all kinds of emergency and help other players in other schools. It embodied the the spirit of sports, which is ‘friendship first, competition second‘ . In this competition, the children not only had fun in the making of mode ships, but also increased their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

    Yesterday, we had the gratifying news: 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, first prize of comprehensive group, which was really exciting.



  • Be unique and different-On the school club show

    In the afternoon of December 23, 2016, the school club show ran smoothly. The clubs are platforms provided by school for students to get new experience and skills. For students, they were happy in the club they like. For parents, it’s lucky for their children to get free skill training.  

    During the show, some sang songs, some drew, some danced and the others played instruments. There are 91 school clubs altogether, including curricular ones and extracurricular ones. Each club has a teacher in charge. Some experts are not full-time teachers. These clubs aim at opening children’s eyes and promoting individual qualities.

  • The school labor union visited new mums

    Fangzhou always shows great concern and care to pregnant teachers and new mums. Every time a child is born, the school labor union will visit the baby and new mum. This semester there are 7 new mums altogether. The union representative Miss Ha went to visit the women teachers and gave greetings and wishes on behalf of the school.

  • Little electronics technician had a great show in the provincial science and technology competition

    In October 22nd, 30 students went to Xinghai primary school to participate in the sixteenth Jiangsu Province electronic technician competition. Before the race, Mr Bao guided the students to be concentrated on training and the students were eager to get excellent results in the competition.

    On the morning of the match at 8 oclock, Mr Bso led 30 players to gather in the Xinghai primary school. At 10:50, the game started. This game is mainly for the electronic circuit design and actual operation. After nearly two hours of the game, the players fully played to their own level. In a short time, they completed the contest successfully, showing the courageously fighting spirit of the Fangzhou students.

    In this competition, the children were greatly stimulated to learn science, love science and use science. The children knew more knowledge of Electronic Science and technology development. It broadened their view of science and technology, and also greatly improved the children eye movement and physical ability.

  • Fangzhou students celebrate the double ninth festival with the elderly

    In the morning of September 24, 26 students from class1 grade 2 visited the apartment for the aged in Lianhua community to celebrate the double ninth festival with the elderly.

    The talent show included singing, dancing, instrumental performance and so on. Grannies of the dance team also gave a yangko (a popular rural folk dance) performance. By the end, the two generations ate cake together and exchanged gifts.

    This activity encouraged people to respect, take good care of and love the seniors around the country.

  • Students took part in Opera Face painting competition

    On September 24, ten ‘little painters’ of SIP Fangzhou went to Ligongdi square to take part in a Opera Face painting competition. Although it was hot, the participants were still very enthusiastic. Their works impressed the audience and won warm applause.

  • Reporters from Xinhua News Agency come to school to give an interview

    In the afternoon of September 26, Mr Shi of the organizing committee of Xinhua News Agency gave a lecture on how to be a reporter. In his lecture, he shared his views, analyzed some cases and gave an introduction of the program.

    Then was the selection of reporters. Students and their parents were divided into 10 groups. They did a quiz and gave a talent show in each group. Their performance impressed the judges and won acclaim.